“What is art, anyway?”

Ever since I was young, and then throughout my years as an artist (while running my own creative business), these questions keep popping up: What is the use of art? What tells art from business?

To do art, I feel that all I need is to be responsible to my heart and my feelings, and fully express that. The work is always a beautiful thing to the creator. And with good luck, if that touches something in your heart too, you willingly buy the piece to bring it home, and so business follows.

As for art’s usage — Some say there are more than a thousand species of small flowers on Earth. What is the use of all these flowers? We don’t really need that many varieties, do we?

In fact, nowadays I am less bothered by these questions, as my creative work has already occupied my heart and hands every day. I love my business a lot. Falling in love with a business sounds kind of crazy, but I do feel lucky, as I have put myself into my work. Art, to me, is a simple mission to live my beliefs.

Kelvin Kwan