About Kelvin Kwan

Kwan Ka Leung/ Kelvin Kwan ▪ 關嘉亮   |   (Alias:  Kalligrapher ▪ 書法 嘉)

Born in Nanhai of Guangdong Province, Kelvin came to Hong Kong with his mother when he was five years old. From a young age, he was apprenticed to Teacher Liu Sihao (who originates from the Lingnan school of traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy with teachers Huang Junbi and Feng Xingheng). His painting skills developed further after being referred to Mr. Zhao Shaoang (a master of the Lingnan School), who taught him personally.

In calligraphy, he was inspired by his father (Mr. Kwan Po Kui , member of Guangdong Calligraphers Association) at the age of seven. Since childhood, he has been learning about traditional Chinese studies, poetry, literary aesthetics, seal-cutting, and other national arts. He has copied hundreds of master artists such as Yan Zhenqing, Feng Zikai, Su Dongpo, Zhao Mengfu, Wang Xizhi, Dong Qichang, Yu Youren, etc. for more than twenty years. During high school, he won many public competition awards. Principals and teachers unanimously praised him and opened calligraphy courses and exhibitions in the school, which marked a beginning of his artist journey.

After graduating from university (Bachelor of Social Work), Kelvin aimed to engage in cultural and artistic work, and hoped to use his creativity to carry positive messages to society. Therefore, “Kelvin Collections ▪ 芥菜種” (www.kelvincollections.com), his spiritual gift enterprise, was established on January 1, 2001. The Chinese name of his company uses the mustard seed metaphor “small but important”, just as he believes that every artist is “small but important”.

Through his hard work in the past twenty years, Kelvin Collections has become a well-known brand in Hong Kong. His artworks are flexible in sizes and styles, and are full of characteristics of the times. More than one million pieces have been sold, and they are hailed as a precursor of contemporary spiritual gifts. Today, he collaborated with his mother Ms. Cheng I Chu to further study the performing of Lingnan painting art, and to promote classic calligraphy and cultural creation.

Combining more than forty years of calligraphy expertise, Hong Kong’s Chinese-and-Western culture and life experience, coupled with his own creation of spiritual illustrations, Kelvin has developed his unique and healing style. His art often gives people a sense of simplicity, freshness, and hope. He often sees the needs of others, as evident in his works, which resonates with and nourishes their hearts.


1987:  Runner-up in the “Hong Kong Morning” calligraphy competition for all secondary schools in Hong Kong, and was interviewed on TVB

1991:  Won a masterpiece title in an academic competition

1993:  Presented in the Guangdong Nanhai Xiaohui Cup Painting Group Exhibition

1997:  Won the championship of the Hong Kong Open Competition

Since 2010:  Became a member of Foshan Chinese Calligraphers Association

2019 to present:  Presided over the D100 internet radio station to promote art and life

June 2020:  Launched the Kelvin Kwan Gallery in Stanley

Kelvin Kwan with his parents (Master of Calligraphy Mr. Kwan Po Kui, and Master of Chinese Painting Mrs. Cheng I Chu)